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Glad everyone liked my blog post today on #influences. Isn’t it cool to hear stories of how people became inspired to be who they are? Absolutely loved this piece - well done #newyorktimes Who knew #SanDiego’s very own #slomo was once a wealthy neuroscientist. Big thanks to @RobZilla for sharing it initially.
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#INFLUENCE Those of you who know me will understand why I was not only happy to pay $20 for a magazine…but you know why this issue of #TIMEmagazine brings a permanent smile to my face.  I would be nothing without my #influences.  Whether it’s real life #influencers like  Gary Vaynerchuk who taught me the importance of #caring in #socialmedia and #video, influencers of the past like #WaltDisney and #SteveJobs who taught me about #imagination and #intuition as well as my family and friends and employers over the years… I credit all I have and whatever I become to ideas and inspiration that came from other people.  I wish the world could see what I see. :) Clearly if it’s the subject of Time Magazine -  I’m not the only one who sees it. #influenceisLEGACY - it’s who we are and what we leave behind.
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