Hey guys…all this late night research for @influencesapp and the marketing campaigns I’ve gotten to work on lately have sortof guided me into a new found expertise around storytelling and influence. I’ve learned a lot about what makes things engaging. Engagement means that even in the ADHD society we live in, beautiful/creative things still keep people’s attention. I guess some people noticed because I’ve been getting 10-20 emails, texts, messages and comments daily asking me how to create video content, edit photos, design & add text to images etc etc. I’m grateful and thrilled that you like my brain. I wish there was enough hours in a day to coach you all one on one, but since I’m absolutely maxed out on time I figured the least I could do was put all my #storytelling #digitalhacks into an awesome quick n dirty ebook of ideas and examples. Soon you all will be well on your way to dazzling people’s noggins with your awesomely memorable, engaging #socialmedia posts. Most of what I do happens straight from my phone, so think of it as a “How to Do Epic Stuff with Your Phone for Dummies”. I’ll probably finish it up this weekend or maybe one of these nights between 10 and 1am 😉 Regardless, if you’re one of those people who have messaged me - please hold right for a few days, the book will be out soon and it will cost less than a bag of dog food. 😜 #influences #storytellingfordigital #ebook #marketing #personalbrand
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When Your Neighbors Call You To Let You Know Your AirBnB Guests Are Filming Porn

My friend posted this on Facebook and I was dying laughing.  Had to share. This is just classic.

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Glad everyone liked my blog post today on #influences. Isn’t it cool to hear stories of how people became inspired to be who they are? Absolutely loved this piece - well done #newyorktimes Who knew #SanDiego’s very own #slomo was once a wealthy neuroscientist. Big thanks to @RobZilla for sharing it initially.
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